We all wonder about what gives our lives meaning. It could be a child, a smile, an ambition, a particular hope, a love, the sun after rain, the sea, a whisper in the dark.

What are the words that describe what's important to you, and your own feelings about life's meaning? What are the words that describe your feelings about the Cathedral Building of St Paul's?

Sometimes, the simplest words can sum up the deepest feelings. Words make it possible to share the way we see the world and to discover, perhaps, that we're really not so different from each other.

By adding your words to this project, you can be part of the attempt to describe the great mystery of the question mark that lies inside us all.


  1. I couldn't imagine life without music, the sea, cold air and bright sun, and the people I love, my mother, my sisters, my friends.

    As for the cathedral itself, for me it means there's more to life than facts and figures - there's something else that's always slightly out of reach but we know it's there, something thoughtful and important.

  2. This seems like something interesting and worthwhile.

  3. I can't imagine a world without love and friendship.

    St.Paul's means a sense of history and continuity, a building that has been a landmark for hundreds of years and is important to London.

  4. ONE MOMENT OF HAPPINESS. That's all I really ask for in each day. TO FEEL MY HEART EXPAND.


    To feel the warmth of the sun on my face. To see someone smile. To feel the wind through my hair.


    I want to be surrounded by nature. ENGULFED BY IT. I want to feel part of something grand.


    A WALK THROUGH THE PARK. I breath it in. LEAVES CRUNCHING UNDER MY FEET. I see my reflection in a puddle. The birds sing. I SMILE. I breathe it in.




    What is love? My husband. I love my husband. I love my friends. I love nature. I love Shakespeare. A GOOD BOOK. I love music and art. POETRY. The beauty of ideas. What is love? GOD IS LOVE.


    I breath it in.

    Because of you I have HOPE.





    One moment of happiness. I breathe it in.

  5. For the Cathedral itself -its brilliance is so moving that it makes me want to cry. IT'S PERFECT. ONE PERFECT MOMENT IN TIME. Its beauty carasses me.

  6. The sense of Security and Shelter is what I long for each day. The church offers this and so much more to each person who crosses it's path. Joy, Love, Forgiveness, Happiness, Bliss, in each day we live. What more can one wish for then to be secure and close beside our neighbors, friends, loves, and family while violence plagues our planet? The church offers us a place to come when the dark clouds come out.

  7. I treasure every moment. From the heart swelling giddiness I experience every morning when I wake up and look into my husband's sleepy eyes. To the surge of pride that I feel for my family. The overwhelming urge to honor, protect and love continues to leave me breathless and shocked from it's ability to floor me. Daily it continues to prove that I am nothing..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..without them. I even treasure the times of fear. For without the bone chilling quake that consumes us all when everything that we know is suddenly threatened, how else would we be able to fully appreciate all of the gifts God and life has to offer?

    Everything that I experience helped to create and mold me. Without the pang of experience, I am again nothing.

    I'll profess that I do not know very much about St.Paul's Cathedral; but, I can always hold out hope that one day, I'll be able to see it.

  8. Life is finite. Live for the moment. It's in the little moments, the ones that you never thought important at that moment in time, that will be the ones that you'll remember forever; the moments that you wish you could go back to. These are the moments where you'll realize you were most happy -that give life its meaning. I want to understand the universe -I want to know who I am, and what makes me happy.


    Do we share a connection? We are all living together on this planet, so let's start acting like it and not like strangers visiting from another world. Let's start sharing together in the beauty of the world instead of everyone trying to rule it. We are all loved. We are all unique, and experience life differently, but we are bound by our passions. I don't know you, but I want to know you. I don't know you, but I love you.

  9. There is more out there than we can imagine.
    Fool are the one that put all his feeling in one object or buiding. Because those feelings, that appear by looking or touching the object or building, are part of all that happened, and all that will happen to that person in particular.

    That came to my mind in moment that i remembered the image of Cathedral Building of St Paul's. I coudn`t put all in words, otherwise
    i would being writting more than I already am doing.

    So many thoughts come to my mind when I assimilate the cathedral to important words for me.

    But I think that five ones are the most important for me they are: Trust, Hope, Friends, Soul and a word that i don`t think has the same impact in english that does in portuguese to me...SAUDADE.

    The translation would be "miss". Like "I miss you" "I miss those days" ... But this word in english can something else, like "I miss an object". That so not the meaning that I put in the word SAUDADE.
    It is a strong word, that don`t have this strenght in any other languege.
    I guess I just find out that always love this word i never knew.

    Now you see. You don`t even know all about you, how can you know all about anything?
    We are not even close to know who we really are.

    Well after all that, i just must say thanks. Cause i can`t remember the last time i was so sincere to myself as i could be know think about what I so in this project.

    I suppose "I miss myself".

  10. Stephanie Crawford24 November 2007 at 05:15

    So many things make me happy. Making people laugh - I love to hear their laughter, see it light up their face and make the corners of their eyes crinkle.

    I love my friends and family, all of them - they make my life worth living. I even love how much I miss my parents - it reminds me of all the wonderful years we had together, and that I WILL see them again someday.

    I love that even though I sometimes feel so inadequate and mediocre, I have so much life yet to accomplish something wonderful.

    I love flowers, music, art, travel - and I have so much more to learn about them.

    St. Paul's Cathedral means beauty, history, and faith. Churches always instill such a feeling of peace, hope, and wonder of God's love in me.

  11. Michelle Richardson24 November 2007 at 08:49

    my life is my niece, i hope to teach her to love unconditionally, smile, that to bring joy to others brings joy, peace and contentment to you. I hope to teach her that there is more out there than what we can see and that faith is important, whether that be faith in a God, your family, friends, in your dreams in your heart.
    And i will teach her that cuddles make the world go round!

  12. I could'nt live without family and my friends they are the people who play an integral part of the person that you are. Without their words of wisdom and encouragement I don't know where I'd be.

    Books, music and art are the things that bring magic into our lives. To be able to identify with a charachter or song shows how alike a lot of us are no matter what our race, age, or experiences in life.

    For the cathedral itself, to me means history, a moment caught in time, pride, everlasting.

  13. Hope.
    Hope that one day wars be a distant memory and our reason not to fight.
    Hope that after someone gets there heart broken it can be made whole again.
    Hope that a smile can turn into an everlasting love or friendship.
    Hope that only words of love and friendship are spoken .
    Hope that violence will end.
    Hope that we will see the world around us as paradise and not harm it.
    Hope that tomorrow will come.
    Hope that our children will see love instead of hate.
    Hope that peace will come and last forever.
    That is what I live for.

    As for the cathedral it reminds me that perfection can be real. It reminds me not to be pesimistic and cynical. It reminds me to have faith and hope.

  14. The thing I love in life is to see people happy. People caring and helping one another, even just using nice kind words towards one another, as it is free. Finally to go through life with the help of music as I find it picks me up when everything is starting to get me down.

  15. Vibrant love, vibrant health, vibrant thoughts and freedom. All this works together to lend itself toward gratitude. Gratitude leads to acts of kindness which feed back into the cycle of vibrant love etc. One can't fall asleep at the wheel to maintain and expand this, it has to be attended to with care and consciousness and, most importantly, honesty. It could be God, it could be chemicals in our brain, but if one's focus is feeding that paradigm as best they can everyday, there is no failure, only varying levels of success.

  16. Connection
    Its the moments when I connect with others, be they friends, family, or a kind stranger, that fill my life with meaning. Whether they are brief, or life-long.
    Rhythm, musical rhythms lift my spirits, and life's rhythm moves me along. As you embrace some thing new and different your rhythm changes and so does all around you.
    I also believe you can celebrate tradition and embrace change at the same time. I think that's what makes life interesting, as learning something new just leads to more mysteries and deeper questions.

  17. Hmm...what makes me smile? What makes me happy? What gives my life meaning? My children, they make me smile. My daughter has a twinkle in her eye that makes me smile. I love when my son says, "Mommy, can I have hugs?" that makes my smile. I love when he says that to me. My dog makes me smile too...his floppy ears and how they perk when I ask if he would like to go for a walk, it's really cute. Nature, I love nature. The smell of lilac trees, the sound of rain, walking through the forest and hearing the rustling of leaves. I love sitting in my backyard and seeing bunnies and squirrels. I love a cold, brisk winter day. I love listening to the water fountain beside my bed. It's so peaceful. I love getting to the top of a roller coaster and hearing the "click-click-clack" -the rush and excitement of knowing what's coming next. I love meeting people and making a connection. I like observing their expressions and body language. I like talking to the customers at my work and building relationships with them. Watching my children being happpy and playing, that makes me happy. I love going to bed in the middle of the afternoon when I know I shouldn't..but sleeping is so rewarding. It makes me happy when someone says a simple "thank you" and they sincerely mean it. It helps me answer the question, "what am I here for?" meet people, and realizing that there really are nice people out there in the world. I want to meet those people. Wow...I guess there are LOTS of things that give my life meaning. I never really thought about it like this before. I'm really learning all this new stuff about myself! There's so much more to think about and to say. I'm going to really think on this and write more...

    (Andrea Weiler- Kitchener,ON)

  18. What makes me happy is when I see good in the world. I am happy evertime I see others smile. When we people as a whole accomplish something great together.

    I see The Cathedral as representing strength and perseverance. The Catherdral has survived much in the last 300 years since its re-construction in 1708.

  19. What makes me happy? Just waking up in the morning to the new
    possibilities in life. My family, friends, Seeing my niece turning into such a wonderful, caring human being.
    Feeling a breeze in my face, and hearing music, just being alive....
    Seeing that there are people out there that actually do care about others, and that the world is still a wonderful place to be, despite the bad out there.

  20. What makes me happy? Just being a live and enjoying every moment and being a mum and waking up every day and just being happy know matter how you feel life to short for regets and hate love one other and mostly have fun don't take things serously and i love cathedral they are so peaceful and serenity peace to you all.

  21. Miss jamie
    I dream that someday I will love myself for me and not what I think everyone else thinks I should be.
    I dream that my son will grow to be as compassionate and caring as I am. That he will love his wife and care for her as much as my husband does.
    That he will look at life as an open canvas and make it what paint it his way.
    I miss singing, it's been too long...I aspire to someday find the courage to let it rip and sing my heart out once again.

  22. I think there's a HUGE difference between what makes you happy and what gives your life meaning. Sometimes they coincide but not necessarily. You could be faced with an incredible challenge which is tough and difficult and frustrating but it makes your days meaningful because it is important to you.

  23. Today I had the chance to see a HERO project in action...

    This summer our neighbours lost their home in a fire. Everything they owned...belongings, memories, toys and clothes...all lost.

    Over the summer the HERO kids (and some great local people) rebuilt their home, and filled it with everything they could.

    I was up to see them this morning, and saw the young boy who lived there playing with a red ball. While his friends were undoubtedly launching into their third hour of X-Box playing, or DVD watching, he was perfectly happy being outside with his dog, playing with a big red ball.

    It made me think about how much unhappiness in the world stems from the inability to tell the difference between a "want" and a "need." We kill ourselves trying to get the shiny new things that we think we want, and when we finally get them, it's not what we expected. Nothing you can grab up in a store can make a person truly happy, that was driven home to me today. Now matter how much you might want that X-Box, the big red ball is all we really need.

    I think, with the season of commercialism upon us, the true secret to happiness lies in not having what we want.

    But wanting what we've got.

  24. "I love you Daddy" is the greatest joy I will ever know and I will work harder every day to never see a look of disappointment on my children's faces.

  25. Many things in this over processed exhausting world make me happy. It's the simple things that shine like beacons of light leading me back to a positive place. These are the things that give meaning to my life.
    -Getting together with my family. Wether we argue or laugh, we are still family.
    -Cooking a perfect meal and having it meet someone else's approval besides your own.
    -When I am being quite pessemistic about the day I am going to have, and then it turns into one of the best days ever.
    -Happy surprises.
    -Making my Mom laugh.
    -Looking through old photographs.
    -When the healing process has begun, and the tears are no longer for sadness.
    -My many pajamas and matching slippers.
    -Hot chocolate, a blanket, the fireplace, and a good movie.
    -My many blessed friendships. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
    -When the air smells like wood burning and you can see your breath.
    -Giving to someone less fortunate, without making them feel less fortunate.
    -Seeing things that make you think that there really is a God.
    -Science and technology.
    -When everyone thinks you are wrong, and it turns out you were right all along.
    -A hug that lasts longer than 2 seconds, so you know there is feeling behind it.
    -My rights, privileges, and freedoms.
    -Music that is so beautiful, it brings you to tears.
    -Days when I don't have to worry.

  26. Life is about people. No matter how accomplished or satisfied you are, it means nothing if you've no one to exchange a smile with, no one to share the moment.

    Life is about love. Not any specific kind of love, but all love. A stranger holding a door for you; sharing a cup of coffee with an old friend; a long romantic embrace; and all the unclassifiable love in between. However you find it, however it finds you, it should be cherished and appreciated, never looked upon with guilt, or taken for granted.

  27. What makes me happy? Love, laughter, silence, music, friends, family, Christmas, sunshine, rain, the ocean, the mountains, special moments, children, a good movie, good food, good wine, good coffee, sleeping, awaking, church, a birthday (especially mine), parties, solitude, a massage, hiking, swimming, shopping,.......LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  28. In response to Kell (who actually asked me for a dissertation of sorts), this may be a bit long and off-topic... but I'm responding. I apologize in advance and please bear with me.

    What makes me happy? Hmmm...

    I like doing things for people and seeing the surprise turn to delight...

    I like to spend time with people who accept me (and my quirks) good-naturedly and who can laugh about all the things in life that don't turn out quite right.

    I like to see the wonders and beauty of the world. If I have to travel to do so, that's fine.

    What makes me smile?

    The wag of my Aussie/Lab mix, just for me, when all I've done is look at him or call his name.

    Charley's nasally purr as he rubs his face on mine.

    The mad scramble (5 kittens) leaping on me like I'm Santa and it's Christmas morning.

    My German Shepherd wiping her face on my pillow after she's finished breakfast. =p

    What makes life worth it for me?

    There is always a chance for a new start... every single morning.

    There is always something to laugh about... all around and sometimes inside you.

    The best thing about life is that each day I can hope for better. The world is huge and there is much I don't know and haven't experienced... so I know the possibility for better exists, therefore, my hope, although battered, will not die.

    Teresa L. Ellis, "The Moon's Pet"

  29. Simple moments, small snapshots of eternity, are what makes the mundane, the struggling of suffering through life worth everything. A look in my wife's eyes when she smiles. An unexpected hug from my daughter. A gaze upon the undeniable beauty of nature. Just Moments. Just Everything. Just what makes life a joy to live.

  30. No one can live life for you. Experience each beautiful moment with open arms. Find the meaning of life for yourself; in each moments of joy and pain, pleasure and heartache, sadness and comfort... I feel the power of the universe and the joy of life in evey raindrop I feel on my skin, in the middle of every sunflower, with every hug and kiss...

  31. I love going into my daughter's room and looking into her beautiful sleeping face. I love it when we are walking that she stops and look at the ants going in and out of their little ant home and looks at the world around her and Not in a hurry like our everyday lives are.

    The Cathedral is very beautiful and has alot of history to the building.

  32. My God, My Family, My Country. These are the things that keep centered.

    My favorite word is "CHOICES"

    Without choices I could not have my "center".

  33. I believe that question mark inside is our yearning to know where our paths in life lead. But what is to be said of the wilderness on either side of our paths? Of time taken for a sidelong stroll off the road?

    Here we find peace. Our lives are not about the gravel roads and travelled paths on which we tread, but our brief strolls into the woods, the half-conscious naps upon grassy fields, the daydreams beside the rushing streams: the tangents of beauty, the reprieves for our soul.

    I believe in living for the brief moments taken in admiration of what lies around us, and forgetting what lies ahead. The humbling sublime.

    Live as the turtle, for nothing became of the hare.

  34. Meaning is what we make it. The reason philosophers are still trying to decide "what is the meaning of life" is because it's nonuniversal. "Why are we here? Because we're here... Why did it happen? Because it happened." -Getty Lee.

    Meaning in my life comes from loving people. Letting people love me. Creating things that make people happy. Reminding myself that, when I'm nice to people, I'm a hero. Trying to make life better for everyone, including me. For me, it's about the people.

  35. To laugh, to love, to endure.

  36. i have so many question marks inside, the usual existential meanderings of introspection.

    I feel pressure from the outside, from parents, from friends, from society. Consume, acquire, consume, acquire. i feel i should want to do more, have more, be more. I feel told that to matter i must have a big life- some grand event that defines me, some grand adventure that makes my existence worthwhile, my self adequate. That somehow, if i do not achieve some predetermined level then i will be less than worthwhile.

    But.. my truth is this. I do not wish a BIG LIFE. I do not want fame, fortune, unprecedented success. I need the love of my Husband, my family and my friends, my health, my kitties. I need music, good food, chocolate, my t-shirt sheets and many good books. As long as there is that, my life is filled with joy and passion. I am grateful for every moment.

    I have never seen St Paul's but i have reverence for it's beauty and it's history. However i don't see it in terms of faith. My own personal faith is that you do not need a church or a cathedral or any kind of building in which to conduct worship. The world is a palace of worship. Every place is a place to give thanks.

  37. Prayer....the idea that there is a power larger than all of the universe.

    Faith....that I will see my dad again in a place more beautiful than words can describe.

    Words....something so simple and so universal could change people's lives forever!

    The Cathedral....a place where all of the above can be found!

  38. Living life with clarity, insight and serenity gives life meaning. Truly being present in every second of every day of your life.

    Seeing every beautiful color, hearing every giggle or bird chirp,smelling every cookie, tasting every morsel of that chocolate and touching a newborn baby's skin. Enjoying every single sensation that life gives us.

  39. Inside every certainty, a mystery: inside every mystery, a certainty.

    St Paul's, where the mystery of London finds its still centre.

  40. Why? That's my question.

    I don't understand WHY there is poverty and such an excess of wealth.

    I don't understand WHY there is addiction.

    I don't understand WHY there is war.

    I don't understand WHY someone says they love you when they don't mean it.

    I don't understand WHY someone is happy with a 9-5 and WHY others feel it like a noose around their neck.

    I don't understand WHY a young person's death is more tragic than an older person.

    I don't understand WHY "celebrity's" well being is higher on people's list of priorities than their own well being.


    I don't want to understand WHY the sky is blue.

    I don't want to understand WHY the stars seem brighter when I'm by the sea.

    I don't want to understand Why I feel better after the thunderstorm.

    I don't want to know WHY I am lucky enough to find such amazing people in my life.


    These things that I don't want to know, I also don't want them to go away. As for the other stuff...

  41. If I could not give love I would die

    being loved is nice too - being needed is like having food when you've been hungry

    but loving others - and how good it feels to learn to love with no strings attached - to love others and to be there for them is like breathing - if I cannot give love I start to suffocate and wither

    the cathedral is a testimony to man's ability to create beauty no matter what history a religion may have

    the sheer magnificence religion inspires in it's architecture has always just blown me away and to imagine laying on the floor gazing up at the wall of stained glass windows and on up to the paintings and murals on the ceiling of the Apse gives me a feeling of peace - I am not sure why.

  42. For me, the answer to the question mark is POTENTIAL. I really believe that it's never too late to be the person you want to be. For all the pain and suffering in the world, there is also so much potential - for life, for love, for living in harmony. No matter what higher authority someone believes in, if any, there's no denying the pattern of birth and rebirth in the world. It comes each Spring. The world is all about potential - becoming everything that you can be - whether you are a tree, a bird, a person, or a nation.

    St. Paul's, to me, is the perfect example of rebirth. It was completely destroyed by the great fire of London in the 1600's, but the people of London saw so much meaning in the church, so much POTENTIAL, that it was rebuilt. The fact that it enjoys as much prominence today as it did 400 years ago is a true testament that it has lived up to its potential. What a beacon for all of us.

  43. My mind wanders to a place of inquisitive chaos. I have so many question marks inside of me, they pile up like sandbags just waiting for a flood. I don't think I will ever get all the answers. To some questions, I don't even think I want the answers. To some questions, there may not even be any answers. However, I do think by asking these questions, I am forcing myself to take a look, and find the meaning in my own life. So I say, Learn from the past, Live in the present, and Dream in the future. I'll keep asking myself these questions, the floods will come, and I will be ready.

  44. TRUST, LOVE, HAPPINESS, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY. I am grateful for the people that are in my life. It is wonderful to wake up to my best friend, my husband. The simple things in life such as going on a pontoon ride on the Mississippi river. Going for drives when it is turning fall. Looking at the beauty of the colorful leaves.
    I have HOPE that all bad things will come to an end.
    Cherish every moment like it is the last.
    Most of all SMILE! It is amazing what a smile can do to someone.

    As for the cathedral it is a place of great history. Magical.

  45. There is only one nation, the nation of humanity.

    There is only one religion, the religion of love.

    There is only on language, the language of the heart.

    There is only one God, and He is Omnipresent.

  46. Meaning comes from us. Not from outside. I look at St Paul's and know that it was built by us, and am breathless. I consider the superstition it celebrates and I shake my head.

    Religion says: fear not, there is a better world. It is ultimately a denial of this life; the wish for another.

    Religion says: there are no question marks. Here is the answer. Now do as I say.

    Freedom of thought and spirit says: bring me questions. Let me expand into questions. Allow me to admit the fragility of all I am, and all that life is. And yet revel in the fact that I am; that life is.

    I have come to feel this: Don't attempt to live in a way that makes you worthy of Heaven. Live in a way that makes you worthy of this tiny space of life, with its infinite possibilities and infinite question marks, seeking exclamations.

    I walk in Cathdedrals and am reminded that there is a Heaven. And that, if we allow ourselves to be, we are already here.

  47. Life would be nothing without words. Sure, there is the emotion that body language expresses silently, but words are so profound. Without them how could we even have this artwork? Words lead to love, to professing that love, to music, to movies, they can even add power to a smile.

    Most importantly words can save a life.

  48. Possibility. St Paul's is a spectacular example of what is possible if you have the imagination and commitment and possibility is what keeps me going: no matter what has happened in the past, the next moment offers infinite possibilities.

  49. To live is to struggle. When we no longer have to fight to achieve what we need to live in a fulfilled way then we might be able to find out what it's all about.

  50. When I look at St Paul's I think: History Matters

  51. Yasmine Agocs (AGE 7)28 January 2008 at 14:59



    What I love about life is that are animals on earth and that God created us.

  52. Tyler Agocs (AGE 9)28 January 2008 at 15:02

    Spending time with my family.

    Funny jokes, and when dogs are playful with me.

    What I love about life is that I have family and friends.

  53. Being around the peole I care and love. Being able to share special moments and experience new things with them. And knowing that all those I hold dear to my heart are well and safe.

    Hearing the laughter of a baby. And what gets me every time is when my boyfriend gives me a wink.

    The thing I love about life is that you never really know what to expect. It's an adventure and you are constantly learning. Some days are bad and some days are good but life is what you make of it. No matter how bad things get there is always something positive we can take from it. We're only given one life so we should make the best of it and always be grateful for the things we have.

  54. What makes me happy is my children and finding a woman that I love.

    What makes me smile is silly questions, movies, tickle fights, and after my girlfriend had been told she would never have children, we found out at Christmas that she is now expecting!! What a true miracle!

    The thing I love about life is being able to watch my kids grow up and learn new things for themselves. And being able to share a life with someone I love and I know loves me unconditionally.

  55. My little girl She is amazing. When she was 4 shoe was diagnose with diabetes. She was in a coma for a week and we almost lost her. She is 8 now and gets 3 shots a day, but she
    never lets it get her down and she is just full of sunshine.

    It doesn’t matter were I am or what I am doing all I have to do is think of her and I smile and cant stop smiling. She is turning into a young lady and it is amazing transformation. I
    want to hold on to the time I have with her now, but at the same time I cant wait to see what she becomes in the future.

  56. That's a very difficult question that no one's ever asked me before. It's probably not very deep but here goes.

    What makes me happy is moments of stillness amid great noise. I love libraries and the smell of old knowledge. My wife makes me happy.
    About life, I'm constantly surprised and delighted by simple human compassion.

  57. Watching my daughter dance around singing her little heart out. Nothing in this world could be better than knowing your child is happy.

  58. Giving to my family (spoiling or out of necessity) makes me happy.

  59. I look at St Paul's and I think of a person who has grown old gracefully and doesn't mind.

    It also brings thoughts of the resilience of humans, of our hope and fears. The scenes of the dome during the blitz are particularly moving, standing there proud and quietly defiant against the evils and madness of mankind.

    Looking at it you can see man's potential for creating beauty.

  60. I am not sure why I am here on earth, in this time, surrounded by these people in my life, part of my family, etc., but I believe that we are all here for a reason.
    I believe that we are all learning every day. What makes me happy is helping others. Whether it is my friends when they are in need, or helping people across the globe in need, or volunteering for an AIDS related cause. I am constantly inspired by people and their personal triumphs in life. I am impressed by those who have the courage to be themselves. I live each day to the fullest I can in the circumstances I find myself at any given time. I am a creative person, and that comes from within. Sometimes I want to make a difference, statement or change, and other times, I just want to make people laugh. Life is a gift and as for why I am here, I don't know, but I am going to enjoy it.

  61. I closed my eyes and I was back in St Paul's Cathedral. It wasn't the sights, but the sounds that I remembered. The sound of stone. Did you know that stone had a sound? Stone sounds of history, it absorbs time and event, it murmurs softly to you. Even the echoes of children running by, and the impatient hushes of their mothers, are sounds that permeate the stone and are at once transported into the past. Go to St Paul's Cathedral and marvel at the architectural beauty, but be sure to close your eyes and listen to the walls whisper.

  62. -When I see the exact moment that a kid begins to trust me.
    -How a kid can light up when shown just the smallest kindnesses
    -Knowing that I have developed a relationship with a child that has been abused; it means everything and more, that they are willing to trust again.
    -The satisfaction of knowing I did the right thing, even if it was the most difficult option.
    -When a kid I am working with asks to spend time with just me; of all the people they could spend time with, they choose me.
    -Being told thank you
    -Helping someone with a physical disability, but never acknowledging the disability, and the look in their eyes that says "Thanks".
    -Teaching a moral lesson, and seeing a child or youth practicing what I taught them.
    -Getting a hug
    -Walking away from a challenge with no regrets; knowing I gave it my all.

  63. As it stands now, at the age of 33...

    What we choose to do every hour, every minute and every second of every day is how we each choose to experience life. We've got this one
    fortunate shot to take advantage of everything...see the world, keep
    hold of quality friends, let others know you care, take time for
    yourself, learn more about the things that interest you, love yourself, be generous and thoughtful, love life. We need to stop waiting for when we have more money, when we retire, when there's more time, etc.; life
    may not be there tomorrow. Today is what counts. We each write our own story and when I get to the final chapter, I want to be able to close the book, take a deep breath and know it was the best story I could have written.

  64. This project is so amazing and
    it brings and instills so much
    hope for humanity.

    Martin is so amazing with his
    bold statements. He brings to
    light wisdom that evokes so
    much thought... and he does it
    in the most beautiful way..
    such an artist If I could afford it I would be there to see it in person.

    I believe in Martin and I do believe in humanity.. one person CAN wake up the world, but it's the people in this world united that can change it for the good of mankind.

    I disagree with people that say
    that life itself in this world
    is terrible and getting worse.
    I don't have blinders on and I know that we are at war and all the crime and violence that occurs on a daily basis, but my opinion is that there is nothing that can be undone with love, peace, forgiveness and understanding.

    Maybe we won't see it in our generation.. but there is so
    much hope for generations to

    I know because I see it in my
    little 6 yr. old niece's eyes everyday.. so much love and
    innocence there... Imagine If
    that could be boxed up and given
    to every person in this world?
    .. what a MORE beautiful world this would be!

  65. Little things give my life meaning. A smile. A laugh. A hug. A phone call. Someone holding a door open for another. Someone saying please or thank you or giving a compliment. Someone working a double shift when there's a lot of work to be done. Someone picking up a piece of litter. Someone simply asking Are you okay? Someone giving up their seat for the elderly or a small child or a pregnant woman. Where would we be without these gestures. I know whenever I witness even one of these things it inspires me to be a better person and gives me hope that there is a world full of kindness and peace.

  66. As used in the Wren family history PARENTALIA:

    ‘Let us now praise famous Men, and our fathers that begat us; who were honoured in their generations, and were the glory of their Times. Of these let his Memorial be blessed, who builded the House and set up a holy Temple to the Lord: - who rais’d up our ruins again.’

  67. The sound of my children's laughter. The warm touch of my husband's hand. The memory of my grandparents. The friendships I have begun. Every breath of every moment of every day. I am thankful that God has reached down from heaven and wrapped his hand around my heart and given me the ability to give and to receive love every day.

  68. A child's laughter.
    Spring Rain.
    Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  69. Before I had children, it was just spending time with friends and feeling like I made a contribution to someone even a stranger just by acknowledging their existence, even with just Hello. Now If I am in another and hear my kids laughing I smile and have a feeling of fullness inside, they are amazing and I am thankful they want to spend time with me, that's what makes me happy.

  70. Simply, my friends and family. My son easily tops that list. He's sweet and kind and he thinks that I am funny I have raised him by myself since the day he was born. While that has not been easy, the joy that he brings me overshadows any hard times that I have had in the last 9 years. My best friend also brings happiness into my life. Sometimes we don't talk much. But she's always there when I need her and we've been through a ton of stuff in the last 13 years She was even in the delivery room when my son was born. She's pretty much the only friend I have, but I will take the quality of that friendship over quantity any day.

  71. I enjoy the simple things in life. What makes me happy is I married my best friend. The trust we share is like no other. I enjoy spending the day on the Mississippi River in our pontoon boat admiring the trees and bluffs. I love going for corvette rides when the leaves are changing color. My friends make me smile. I like to surround myself with good people who bring laughter and smiles into my home. I like waking up in the morning or even coming home to my 2 cats as they greet me at the door. Lets tell the world that smiles are FREE don't save them!

  72. Pearl Doyle (Ireland)29 January 2008 at 11:07

    Family, Friends, music,art, reading,hope, are six of many words that come to mind when I think of happiness.

    Family & Friends

    Having people who are there for you no matter what, friends are the family you choose for yourself, being able to have a deep bond with someone who 'gets' who you are and understands who you really are.Seeing my little neice everyday, and the excitement of wondering what kind of person she will grow up to be.
    Art, music and reading
    What would life be without these things. Music can lift your spirits and make you feel less alone in the world. Hearing a song that you can connect to and know that someone else has shared how you felt at some stage of your life. Art and reading provide the opportunity to visit strange and magical places and meet new and exciting characters.


    Without hope there is nothing. I have hope in mankind, I have hope that we will live in a world where everyone is equal and we are free to live as we feel. I have hope in my friends and myself. I have hope that there is greater purpose to this life we all lead.

    This is how I feel.

  73. Tomorrow isn't a guarantee, so I try to embrace with open arms, each moment that has been given to me. I'm constantly changing and growing; my moods and tastes change like the weather, but the two constants in my life have always been LOVE and LITERATURE. I take comfort in knowing that there will ever be a shortage of them. I need love and books like a river needs an ocean. Without them, I think I would simply dry up...

  74. This Cathedral saved my life, at the lowest point ever in my life this place was there for me. It's as simple and as profound for me as that!

  75. What makes me happy is being at peace with myself. Being surrounded with good friends and family is important for that peace. Also being successful either in life in general or at work also makes me happy. It is important to me to live a life that is filled with joy and happiness. Helping others in a time of need plays a part of that.

  76. I would sum it up in these three words: God is love.

    The more we learn about love, the more we learn about God....

  77. only passion can light a flame, passion makes you feel, love and laugh

  78. Love without agenda.

    Compassion for those it would be easier to hate.

    Morality without religious dogma.

    Art without commerce.

    Beauty without possessiveness.

    Humility without self-loathing.

    Self-worth without self-centeredness.

    Communion, transcendence...Love.
    The kind that reminds you that you're not the lonely center of the universe; that both makes you happy to be you and makes you not cling to the idea of you ; that obliterates your jadedness...

    Those moments of pure perfection when you wouldn't change a thing.
    And those moments when you've lost it but feel, without question, that you'll feel it again.

    And laughing. Lots and lots of laughing... at everything. 'Cause life is pretty hilarious.

  79. What are we to be in this short journey through life ?
    Send your great blocks of prayers to the heavens
    They cannot be contained in temples of stone

    Richard Morris

  80. The weight of my granddaughter's little body on my knee, the softness of her cheek, the clear innocence in her grey eyes. These things make my heart burst with an almost unexpected love. Love - in all it's forms - is what lasts, the only thing that will be remembered.

  81. Laughing at myself.

    Being front row at a U2 concert.
    Stringing a new necklace for my Mum.
    Volunteering at a Serenity convention.Watching DVDs with my Dad on his big HD TV.

    Staring at the seemingly infinite horizon of the sea.

    Writing words that connect people on a soul deep level.

    Hearing my words become melody or seeing them become moving pictures.

    Feeling loved.


  82. My happiest times are childlike. Chab and I recently celebrated a quiet Christmas evening at home. We popped popcorn, dressed in our jammies, and watched a Christmas concert on TV. It's time like those that excite me.

  83. I feel down sometimes (yeah, even me), after days of hard work, fighting and adversity, having to pass up public recognition or acclaim to protect my alter ego and her loved ones, having to deal with jerks like the Falcon, who operate out of laziness and petty jealousy, and end up taking the credit, etc... But then - some days, I'll find myself on a high vista - like the Metro cliffs, looking out onto the offshore islands on the horizon, or even better, the roof of the Metro Bank Building...and I'll watch the sunrise over the city, people waking up, starting to leave their apartments and venture out onto the sidewalks...another day dawning in Metropolitanaria. I'm so moved to know that I'm able to watch over it all and protect it. And when I sip from my flask of bourbon, I feel even warmer and fuzzier. It's great.

  84. When I confronted this question months ago, I struggled with it because I wasn't so sure if the question was worth answering. I thought, Happiness is just a feeling, a temporary feeling
    like every other feeling, what concerns me is living a life of meaning rather than searching for happiness which is a feeling. But, I also think that there are times when the life of meaning and the life of happiness are not mutually exclusive. I don't believe in specifically focusing on the life of happiness, but how can one focus on the life of meaning without
    ever being happy? I know that I feel most happy when I feel free and clear headed, but that's usually when I am alone. I understand that being alone is scary to many people, but loneliness and aloneness are the same. There is no one that accepts me more than I accept myself and
    I feel free when I am alone, but that's because I accept myself I suppose that I feel happiest when I feel accepted. So for me, the root of happiness pretty much comes from 2 simple words: freedom and acceptance.

  85. The meaning of life? This answer I'm sure will be different among people of different faiths... but I think the common denominator will be LOVE. To love, to feel love, be loved, God is love, true love, a new love, rekindled love, love of a stranger, love for a book, the love of nature, love of a family member or friend.... LOVE. There's a reason why poets write about it. Why people would die for it and live their entire lives searching for it. Love is what makes life worth living.

  86. How long do we have to wait to see peace in everyone's mind, free from any prejudice and arrogance based on the ignorance, I wonder...?

    Did your Saviour tell you to discriminate a group of people you don't even know?

  87. Knowing my family and friends are safe, happy and healthy.

    Other people laughing.

    The freedom to be who I am and to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.

  88. You are...

    You are the most beautiful in all of creation
    You are the light that illuminates devastation
    You are the angel of joy and devotion
    You are the source of all emotion
    You are the constant in all of my thoughts
    You are the view which never distorts
    You are the perfection that we dream of all our lives
    You are the one from where all beauty derives
    You are the epitome of positivity and fun
    You are the most special person I have ever gazed upon
    You are the gift more prized than a dove
    You are the one who I will always love

  89. This is simple. It is nothing elabotate or life altering, it is just one simple phrase. Whenever I pick my 7 year old nephew up at school, he introduces me to his friends and teachers as My Tammy . It's not Aunt Tammy or just Tammy, it's My Tammy. Whenever he does this a big goofy grin spreads across my face and I just melt. And since I have no children of my own, he fills that void.

  90. I lived in Long Beach awhile back in a particularly, let's say, colorful neighborhood. Every day coming home from a not so great job to a not so great apartment. I parked my car and as I walked to the door I would get a gust of wind that blew my face very gently. That never failed to make me happy. This is what I was thinking. The wind still blows. Nothing is so horrible, nothing is so stressful that would keep the wind from blowing and I thought it was funny that I was thinking that everything couldn't continue until things got better for me, which I found pretty funny. Bad wasn't worth my time when the good outweighed it all. I've kept that in my heart and mind and, although I slip occasionally, I will always find the humor in an otherwise bad day.

  91. When people ask me questions about myself and how I feel about something I'm always reminded of the poem by Elizabeth Barett Browning 'The Soul's Expression':

    With stammering lips and insufficient sound I strive and struggle to deliver right
    That music of my nature, day and night
    With dream and thought and feeling interwound
    And inly answering all the senses round
    With octaves of a mystic depth and height
    Which step out grandly to the infinite
    From the dark edges of the sensual ground.
    This song of soul I struggle to outbear
    Through portals of the sense, sublime and whole,
    And utter all myself into the air:
    But if I did it,--as the thunder-roll
    Breaks its own cloud, my flesh would perish there,
    Before that dread apocalypse of soul.

    What does make life worth experiencing and not just living?
    Books with happy endings, commercials that make me cry, telling a joke that makes everyone laugh, taking off my socks at the end of the day, cheesecake, memories of my mother though sometimes painful remind me of her strength and the strength I have inside me, the smell of fall, campfires and clean sheets.

  92. The meaning of life: the pursuit of happiness.

  93. To find answers to my questions. I just want an answer. Maybe only God has those for me. Maybe God is the answer. War can't be the answer. It has to be something greater than that.

  94. I've been thinking about this a lot and I keep coming up with easy answers: kittens, rainbows, video games, etc., but then I realize that those things in themselves don't make me happy. Only I can make myself happy, just as only I can make myself angry or mad... the external things are just triggers for the emotions I allow myself to feel.

    So, what is it that is important to me? What do I think is life's meaning? I really don't know... but I know it when I see it. I'm not sure there is an overall plan to life or a purpose to life except to exist... to be... to live... I think the purpose of life is to make more life...even if it means that you are a part of the food chain... those that will feed upon your atoms after you have died will continue their life, and so life continues.

    So, what makes me happy? Anything that lets me live in the moment, even if that thing triggers memories of times that I was living and those times were sad. Of course, the reality is that I feel happy when I am well-rested... so in a way, sleep makes me happy.

    In addition, a compliment from someone makes me happy, but also complimenting another person makes me happy. A smile makes me happy. Being warm makes me happy. There are things that make me feel happy... sunshine, rainbows, kitties, video games... but really, they are things that trigger my acceptance of life just as it is.

  95. The meaning of life to me is the ability to be happy & confident with who you are. If you can look into the mirror and smile at the person looking back at you, I believe everything else in life will fall into place. I'm not saying I'm completely there yet. Everyone has their insecurities & it can be an ongoing struggle to overcome them. It is the toughest battle you will ever face.

    We all need to love ourselves for who we are.

  96. My daughters smiling and tell me she loves me , love lost ,true friends, positivity, hope, trust and a little bit of faith.

  97. That's easy. Here's the things that come to mind:

    My wife
    My family
    My music
    The outdoors

    That about sums it up.





  99. Jim in Raleigh (NC)1 February 2008 at 14:03

    Being with someone or more that if even for just a brief moment gets it and appreciates / connects with what I do. Firefly is that it :)

  100. So many things make me happy, make me smile and give me that internal glow that is a love of life. These include, but are not restricted to, a new pair of shoes, a bargain, a sunny day, fresh sheets, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woollen mittens…you get the idea. Whilst these feelings are genuine, they are superficial and short-lived. Not getting a new pair of shoes doesn’t make me sad, or frown or hate life, honestly it doesn’t.

    Let’s dig a bit deeper than that.
    For me to understand what makes me truly happy, makes me smile, and leaves me in love with life, I need to understand what makes me truly sad, makes me frown and leaves me feeling hopeless. Only then can I answer these questions, and find a cure for my melancholy.

    I feel sad when I hear stories of women, and men, being in abusive relationships, particularly when it’s friends or family that are involved. Being with someone is all about wanting to be there, being happy and making a difference in that other person’s life.

    Therefore…I am happy that I have the love of a good man, someone who respects me, makes me laugh, but can also rebuke me if I’m ever silly, shallow or bitchy. I am happy when I can see my friends and family as happy as I am, and if I can help them get there, this makes me happier still.

    I frown when I see acts of selfishness and greed, people who are out for themselves and hang the rest of us. This can be something as small as littering the street, to governments who make decisions based on money rather than the good of the people.
    Therefore…I smile when I see random acts of kindness, like a teenager helping an old woman on the bus with her bags. I smile when I see people help each other for no other reason than karma. I smile with satisfaction when I can make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s just giving them directions when they’re lost, or helping them through a personal crisis.

    I feel hopelessness when I hear of the atrocities we can visit on each other; war, genocide, child abuse. I despair that the human race is on the fast track to destruction.


    I love life when I see justice being done, when I see people coming together to make a stand against oppression and making a difference. I love life when I see people connecting with each other, be it a mother and child, friends or lovers, because that’s what it’s all about.

    But most of all, when it all comes down to it, when the chips and down and it really counts, I have to admit, I’m happy, I smile and am totally in love with life when I finally go to get that pair of shoes I’ve been after forever…and they’re on sale.

  101. Knowing my kids are happy and that I'm there for them.

    Seeing what my kids are doing or watching people around me.

    Waking up every morning and looking around to see what I have and knowing that I have 4 beautiful kids and that I have came along way to get where I am today and enjoying life and not taking things too serious that’s what I love about life.

  102. My autonomy. The fact that I have the freedom to make my own choices to live my life the way I want to. The right to belive in what I want to believe and not be killed because of it. I have FREEDOM and I am grateful for that.

  103. Mummy: How this word suddenly becomes the most important one in the world when your child says it to you for the first time.

    Light: When I think of St Pauls I think of how amazing it looks in different lights. Even when the weather is cold and grey St Pauls appears warm and bright

  104. Mummy: How this word suddenly becomes the most important one in the world when your child says it to you for the first time.

    Light: When I think of St Pauls I think of how amazing it looks in different lights. Even when the weather is cold and grey St Pauls appears warm and bright

  105. Shadows for sunrise.

    How much better does it feel to step into sunlight when you do so from under a shadow?

    I'd rather spend my life in ‘dark scary worlds’ and be greeted each day with the morning sunrise, than live forever in paradise...and forget the sun was even there.

  106. I don't think anything gives me as much hope or makes me smile the way a child's innocence can. The way that a child loves with all their heart is amazing. I love the way children seem to think anything in the world can be made better with a hug and a kiss. They forgive with lightning quickness and they never keep a tally of the wrongs done to them. Once they forgive you, they forget whatever it is you did that upset them and they are your best friend again. Imagine how much better this world would be if all slights/wrongs were fixed by a hug between both parties and if they were both able to truly forgive and forget and be best friends again.

  107. Reading a well worn book in the middle of a rainy night snuggled under some warm blankets

    The laughter and innocents of little kids. It's so genuine and unbiased.

    My friends and family and the richness they bring into my life. The feeling you get when you feel the warmth of the sun on your cheek. The sound of music that so emotional you forget for just one moment that the world exists around you.

  108. First of all- kudos for the project.
    Second- What makes me happy-truly happy? Breathing I am happy to be alive. I am happy to have a job that keeps me busy, interested, involved in my community and puts a roof over my head and food on the table. I am happy to just be here, because I almost wasn't. Had I not gotten my treatment, I would not be alive today. I had cancer 3 years ago. I am happy to be cancer free today. I am happy to be breathing. Life is too short to get all caught up in the drama of everyday life-just let it happen, and most importantly-BE. Be yourself, be happy, be here now. BE. So what makes me happy? I guess just the act of being makes me happy.

  109. I question my past - was all of it worth the worry and am I better for it now? Bummed out I probably won't make it to London for my birthday I so wanted to be there. Last year was a bummer as my Gran died two days b4 my 30th & was hoping I could sorta make up for that this year (plus the fact she would have love the exhibition) boy I miss that crazy lady, can't bring myself to delete her number from my mobile. Anyway I hope my internal questions help.

  110. God is a concept.
    The only constant is change.

  111. Live life to the full and enjoy each day and welcome the start of each new day.

  112. What makes me happy? Not much these days. I think I'm going through the classic mid life crisis. Every day is just pressure, tension and occasionally pain.
    I get a bit of pleasure from a couple of vices: Good food, and buying cool shit, but then I feel guilty about indulging the vices. All and all, the way things are right now, the closest to happy I get is 'when nothings going shitty'. It's pretty sad but yes, lack of unhappy is what makes me happy right now.

  113. What have I always thought was important in life and what the meaning of it all was? LOVE... as simple and as complex as that :)Unfortunately, I fear that it's money, and the power most people think come with it, that makes the world go 'round :(

  114. Being able to help people and seeing people helping others. It’s a domino effect, once you get it started it keeps going.
    What makes me smile the most is when I am being nice or helpful to someone and they didn't expect it.
    What I love about life: I love everything about it. The sky, the earth, the ocean, the people, and creation. People creating works of art like movies, paintings, Architecture, etc). Nature's creations like mountains, lakes, life, etc.

  115. Everyone has their own ideas of what life mean to them and for everyone, it's different although there are some things that are the same for most people; their friends, their family and their ambition. For me, the same as most people, those are the things that give me life a meaning and knowing who I am and were I'm going in life gives it a meaning too. When you're a child you don't know where you're going to end up in life but you have your dreams and that makes you feel as though you have a purpose and a meaning in life. Some people say that the meaning of life is to find your own meaning and I agree, nobody has the same meaning as someone else in life, for some it is to save lives and provide support for others and for some it is to entertain others and make them feel happy. My family put meaning into my life, I hate them most of the time and we argue a lot and we've been though some bad things but they are my family wether i like it or not. Right now, as a teenager my friends are probably the people who give the most meaning to my life. They are always there for me and part of my meaning in life is to be there for them too. We see each other through alot and i wouldn't be where I am now without them. Some people say that music is their meaning in life and for me, that's not the case, but maybe for them it is, I don't know.

  116. What gives one life meaning changes as one gets older. As a toddler ones parents are the centre of ones universe. They give love and security unconditionally. To not have them around seems unimaginable. During our school years we can be quite fickle as our dreams, demands and desires constantly change. As parenthood engulfs our lives the whole meaning of life transcends anything that has come before. Our lives are willingly compromised for the good of our children. For me my daughter is the one reason I get up in the morning , the one reason I keep going when it all seems too much. She is my reason for living, my 'raison d'etre'. My heart still aches with love when I watch her sleeping as I did when she was a baby. As for my twilight years you will have to get back to me on that. Hopefully a disgraceful grandmother!! As for St.Paul's Cathedral: to me it represents one of those key buildings of London. Built by Christopher Wren in 1673 London would not be London without it. Austere, proud, breath-taking and unchanging it is a constant part of an ever changing city. It represents stability and security and reminds us that God is still at the heart of everything even if in today's society we forget him, it therefore makes one feel humble and meek.

  117. Children.
    They are our future and our past.
    They have so much potential and are a reminder of the roads that lead up to their birth.

    Having been an aunt for 4-years now I am constantly in wonder at the mirracle of children. How they grow, how they are individuals right from the start (even before birth they have their own timetable, as recently exhibited by the arrival of my first nephew).
    Their capacity to learn new things.
    Seeing the delight on their faces when they master a new word, or the wonder when they see a new sight.
    The fact that they have their own interests and inclinations right from the start whether that be handbags and girlie things or being mazed by horses, fearless of their towering stature, from 12-months.

    Children are wonderful, resilient and beautiful people. We have a duty of care to raise them to be responsible adults but also to protect their child-like joy in life.

    Whatever you believe, children are miracles and restore my faith in the world

  118. My mum brought me into this world so I will always be grateful to her. My dogs make me happy just looking at them because they're so full of loyalty and love. True friends are there for you when you need them and they try and make and make your troubles go away. What gets me up in the morning is the thought of going to school and seeing my friends who would still care about me and knowing when the world is against you you still have people who care. All of the above are my friends because they give my life meaning.

  119. Laughing at random things with friends, the things that would make no sense to the other people around us.

    The boy that you know your never going to get, yet a random thought in your head gives you a glimmer of hope.

    When someone is crying and you find a way to cheer them up just that little bit, it sort of makes you feel that little bit better about yourself.

    Finally getting that achievement that you have been working for since you were small, and the feeling that you get once it's done...

  120. Ashley (Wisconsin)4 February 2008 at 13:55

    There is no 'meaning of life' there is only procreation. If we were supposedly sent here by a higher power to have a meaning in life then we're practicing the wrong belief.

  121. Friendship, Love, and Happiness

  122. Happiness and contentment :)

  123. Cindy, (Indiana)4 February 2008 at 13:58


  124. Amidst decay, suffering and finiteness, we have imperfect buildings and imperfect people pointing toward a perfect restoration.

  125. THE STRENGTH TO FOCUS ON YOUR OWN PURPOSE (and ignore what others may wish it to be) gives life meaning. I've been on both sides of life-where my life has held meaning to me and where life has not held meaning and I had to push through the period of darkness where life was unilluminated and search for what gave light (meaning, purpose) to life and what gave life that light was the strength to Focus on my own ability to live authentically my own day and ignore the minute by minute expectations of others. Even if my existence were never known to another human being, I would still have mattered on the earth after I am gone because I have a contribution to make to the world and I have a drive to give this contribution from myself to the world and anyone else's idea about what my contribution should be causes fog followed by darkness and then the light is hard to find. I have to fight the good intentions of others and name my own contribution to the world. No one can give what I can give the way I give it. All individual contribution is just that-Unique. I have to guard what gives my life meaning-it can be fogged out and hidden if others are allowed to impose upon me by clouding my Focus.

  126. Steve Webster, MD5 February 2008 at 10:54

    To do good and make a difference for people and the world, using your God given gifts.

  127. Laughing, loving, and making the most of each day we have on this
    earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and most of all
    thanking God for our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. I look to the Declaration of Independence for what I feel the meaning of life is:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Living life to it's fullest, under the awesome security that our
    military provides, seeking all that is good and happy!

  129. I am not sure that I can say that "the meaning of life is....." But I know things in life define who I am - such as being a survivor, a wife and a mother. And I know that life is short and we must do with it what
    we can & while we can, or it shall have no meaning at all.

    Leaving an impression behind is also a very important part of
    having lived. If you do not leave any footprints, no one will know that you had been there, thus making your existence immaterial.

    Good question. I like it when I have to ponder. I am anxious to
    hear what the other "girls" had to say!

  130. The outcome of day to day living! Make of the most of each and everyday.

  131. Buds in winter, silhouettes in summer dusk, leaves swirling in autumn. The change from one season to the next, the change from fear to love and back again. I'm alive!! I am that.

  132. Meaning of life to me is learning. Learning from your mistakes, from
    others, from everything in life.

    Life to me is being a mother.

  133. Hi Tammy, Wow, what is the Meaning of Life to Me? A very philosophical question and you're correct in that there are no right or wrong answers. I will take a stab at it.....To me each morning you wake up, you need to say thank you (in my case, to God) for having the opportunity of having another day on this earth. We each are given free will to make choices which can determine how our life on earth is spent and what kind of a legacy we will leave once we are gone. I believe it is important to make the very best of this special gift of life
    especially to our family, community and our God. We have a
    responsibility to make this earth a better place than it was when we
    were given the gift of life. I believe we need to ask for the strength and wisdom to make the right decisions and hopefully giving us the opportunity for peace, health and happiness. But if we are given challenges in life, I believe how we respond to those challenges tells you what kind of person you are. We can choose to go the positive route; or the negative route.

  134. The balance of all things no matter what it may be is what I
    feel life must be.

    Health-illness: without illness you could never appreciate you health.

    Happiness-sadness: without sadness you would never know the joy of

    Fulfillment-longing: without longing you could never experience

    Love-dislike: (I chose not to say hate because one should never carry
    hate in their heart) without the terribleness of disliking then you
    would never know the true heights that love can take you.

    Trust-deceit: This is the hardest for me I think, because deceit can rob you of everything and it would take you a very long time to trust again...maybe never.

    The list could go on for everything you could think. Life is a mixture of everything, as it should be. It all comes down to one
    word...God...each one has their own...

  135. The meaning of life to Angel Rogers

    The meaning of life is living every day to the fullest, having no
    regrets and taking chances. I don't ever want to look back and say "what if", I want to know that even if I take a chance and it didn't work out that I have the satisfaction of knowing that I at least made the attempt. The meaning of life is living! It's a simple explanation on my part...short and sweet!

    Big Risks=Big Rewards

  136. My question mark? mmmm it would have to be "THE INNER SPARK" you feel deep in your soul. That initial twinge you feel deep inside, EXCITEMENT, LOVE, HOPE. The spark you see in a loved ones eyes when they look back at you. The spark that you feel when you see something touching, when something moves you to uncontrolable laughter or tears.

  137. I feel as though I am back in class right now. It brought questions like this to my attention and I really began to wonder if I was spiritual at
    all. Fortunately I regained my confidence by the end of my class when I realized that there really isn’t only one way to be spiritual. My
    professor who was battling cancer was one of the most positive, confident people I had met. I often found myself studying him as I sat in class. I watched him and wondered how he could be so optimistic and predictable. He
    was someone that I thought would be a possible mentor in my quest for spirituality. I felt such a loss when I learned that he died on Dec. 16th. It seemed impossible. I thought he had beaten it and if there was any God
    than He would know not to take Earl. I look at my gift from Earl and the irony that I had a chance to meet him which will stay with me forever. He taught me that the meaning of life is to believe in you and live in the Now. I mean by this that at some point you learn to trust your gut and let it
    lead you with your everyday functions. Everyone and everything else will follow in turn if you only do the best you can for what you have control over. Earl never tried to force a belief onto anyone nor was anyone’s opinion wrong. He had a way to make you challenge yourself without feeling
    like you had to.

  138. Happiness, Success, Love

  139. As the architecture of St. Paul's reveals much about Sir Christopher Wren, so we, as created beings, reveal much about our Creator. What an honor to be able to reflect the Divine nature and to help God make himself known. The Created revealing the Creator.

  140. Life and St. Paul's - both a breathtaking climb!

  141. The lie...

  142. Life is about happiness, fulfilment and the feeling of being loved by others, in whatever form that may be.

    St Paul’s is a beautiful and awesome London landmark that reminds us of our mortality and that we must make the most of every second that we have.

  143. Kell has only to request, and I will answer. I'm posting one of my most hopeful works for Martin's vision and your very beautiful soul...


    Remembrances of times ago
    would be better left without.
    I open the windows to my self
    to let fresh in, the stale out.

    These emotions, strong and volatile,
    a weight to drag me down.
    Break the tether; loose the beast
    to rant and run aground.

    Hold to darkness no longer,
    let go and shake off its weight.
    Untie the noose of its mantle
    and throw off the hood of its cape.

    I feel the lure of freedom
    and reach out towards sunlight.
    There, feel the pull of triumph,
    leaving hopelessness, dark night.

    Wisps of a breeze across my face,
    breathing softly of my release.
    Stirring from its dark place,
    my soul sighs and relishes peace.

    tle, November 6, 1998

  144. Love doesn't power the rotation of the Earth.

    It is an edict of God that has it turning faithfully.

    It is God's love that opens my eyes each day.

    It is my love for Him that keeps them open each of those days.

    Love doesn't make the world go around.

    Love can make the effort beautiful and worthwhile.

  145. The things that mean the most to me and make me happy are my family. Also my dog and my upcoming grandchildren.

  146. The things that make me happy is family. To be exact- my little brothers adopted family. They are more my family than my biological family. His family has accepted me as one of their own. They have become a very postive part of my life in the middle of all the negative. I'm glad to be considered a part of their family.

  147. laughing with a friend until tears starting rolling down your cheeks. Not taking life too serisouly all the time. That's important and so is laughter.

  148. One of the best things to experience in life is to fall in love. A love that is unscheduled and unruly. Wild with passion and desire and kind of madness in it. A love that can't be manufactured in a greeting card.

  149. What gives my life meaning?

    I don’t want to put these in order of importance, because these things are all important to me.

    So in random order, and hopefully remembering nearly all the things that give my life meaning are…

    God, and trusting that He watches over us, loves and forgives us

    Believing that there is life after death

    My health, and being able to think, to talk, to feel, to see, hear, touch, taste and smell

    My husband, my children, my family, my friends

    Their health

    Their love

    People who show love, kindness, sympathy, empathy, gratitude, selflessness, forgiveness

    Drawings, sketches, paintings, masterpieces that were all created from a vision or an idea

    Architecture such as St. Paul’s Cathedral that have remained through hundreds of years

    Any historical landmarks that have remained through hundreds of years

    Listening to music that started with a few notes and ended as a symphony or a classic

    Singing to myself, singing with others

    Playing the guitar, by myself or with others

    Listening to others make music, whether by voice or instrument

    Running, just because I can

    Sunrises – no matter where I’m living

    Sunsets – no matter where I’m living

    The sun glittering on water, on snow, through the trees

    The moonlight shining on water, on snow, through the trees

    Looking up at night and seeing the heavens

    The sun shining through clouds or while it’s raining

    The beauty of rainbows

    The beauty of flowers

    A warm summer’s evening or a crisp, clear winter’s day

    Standing by the ocean, by the lake, by the river

    The smile or laugh of a baby, a child, a teenager, an adult, an elderly person

    Someone who responds to your “hello”

    Someone who smiles back at you

    People who make you laugh

    Pets that bring you joy

    Riding in an airplane, high above the clouds

    Movies that make me laugh or cry or both, but mostly make me remember them

    Reading books that make me laugh or cry or both, but mostly make me remember them

    People who come into your life unexpectedly that you instantly connect with, as though you’d know them forever

    Family and friends who see past the mistakes you make and still love you for who you are

    Being able to do the same for them

    Knowing who you are

    Memories of all these things

  150. To me life is living it to the fullest. Friendship and family is important to me. I enjoy laughter and happiness..what would the world be without it. I love my sister and my twin brother so much. Making someone smile is priceless. What a good feeling that is. I love my husband. He is my best friend!!

    I enjoy the little things such as a breezy day. Leaving the windows open and just smell that it is spring time!! The birds singing. Going on the river in the pontoon boat. I love to hear other boats passing by, children laughing.

    I love to listen to all kinds of music. I love to dance.

    I enjoy cleaning, showering, cooking, doing reminds me that I have a home and that is something to be thankful for.

    St.Paul's means a sense of history and love to me.

  151. It's all about not missing a thing. I don't like the idea that the sun might set on a day that I haven't properly made the most of. I often wonder how I can be sure I'm doing the right thing with each day. I am mindful that it could all be squandered away. I want to make sure I have valued my time and made it valuable.

  152. Becoming...

    I peek out to view a dark landscape
    and while I might prefer to stay hidden,
    I don't shrink from being seen or heard.
    When I'm knocked down and kicked,
    I might prefer to stay flat and submissive.
    I must rise and face my obstacles without fail.
    It is within me and must be honored.
    This strength and will is God-given,
    powered by the hope He's placed in my heart.
    These features prevail in a world blighted,
    for time and again we are required
    to rise up and turn the effects of hate.
    I'm only one warrior amongst many
    but all are necessary, desired and counted.
    One fight at a time to eventually triumph...
    to become what we are meant, fully realized,
    resolutely empowered and brilliantly enlightened.
    One day we will face the dawning sun
    without fear but with renewing hope.

    tle, 02/17/08

  153. The meaning of life is different to everyone depending on their chosen paths.

    To me...the meaning of life is the pursuit of truth, justice for the people and more than anything the only emotion that is powerful enough to destroy greed...Love!

    (Phil Shuh -Kitchener, ON)

  154. I do believe there is something after--LIFE----too many people who were clinacally dead and then revived have cool stories they tell of how the "beyond" is----organized religion is something I find hard to follow but if it helps people in this life then I'm all for it!----Is there one religion that is right? I don't know that----people are to petty for there ever to be UNITY on this subject----I am sure there is ONE God for us all just people choose to see him in different ways which is all right by me!----what truly is a scary concept is what if someone woke up tomorrow and PROVED that there was no GOD-----what would the world be like then?---I do HAVE FAITH that there is a GOD and he LOVES US ALL-----but has given us the freedom to live this mortal life as we wish----I do not believe in a devil or in HELL----maybe the concept of hell is non-existence after death-----really hard subject for me to get across in writing!

  155. That is a big chewy topic.

    To me, thinking of religious harmony is very much like trying to fathom infinity or the end of space. An impossibility, but still something that we need to reach for. Human beliefs and potentials lie on a broad spectrum and it is people on the sunny side that keep those of us in the middle hopeful and willing deal with the bad to keep it from overpowering the good. Even to work as a shield and set the balance off in the favor of good.

    Meaning of life? I don't think that we will ever know for sure and maybe that is because it is different for everyone. Or maybe the whole point is to keep striving to make a positive influence and never give up. It is the journey that counts and each time we make someone's life better, it is a victory. Each time we refuse to let terrible people steal our faith in humanity is a victory.

  156. I think there is religious harmony now. If you just look at the basics of most regilions, we don't disagree that much. They say the devil is in the details. Well I believe that he/she (I'm not sexiest-lol) very much is in the details. That's why we can't see how much alike we all are. He doesn't want us to have harmony of any kind. Religion (to me) is manmade. That would certainly explain all the conflict. The real goal is gaining spirituality. I believe that is God's desire for us. To be spiritual beings.

    We all love. We need to receive love, we need to give love. We search for it and yearn for it, die for it and unfortunately kill for it.

    We all need kindness in our lives. We need hope, we need respect and honor. We need to give those things to others too. Most regilions strive to make you aware of who and where you are in your life. Some of us are "younger" and some of us are "older" in our "humanity" growth. But we all have the same needs, wants and desires. Religion is there to guide us into maturing, into becoming thinking, feeling, loving, caring people.

    But as Religion is manmade (remember my opinion), it is full of details, guidelines, rules and regulations. They are based solely on the perceptions of the men who wrote the Bibles/Korans etc that go hand and hand with the differing religions. Therein hides the devil. Dividing us. I'm not saying that the Bible or the Koran is bad or wrong or even evil. I am saying that we tend to miss the point a lot by getting caught up in what we perceive as rules or commandments. They are important but they do not replace our love of our fellow human beings. The Bible and the Koran can't replace the need for kindness, repect and treating people around you with honor and dignity.

    And yet, people have used these books for just that purpose.

    As I am Republican, I hate to bring Iraq into this discussion but it really goes to the heart of the matter.

    The Iraqi people are Muslims. The Muslim religion has several different factions, but the people are still ALL Muslim. It's one religion. Inspite of this the Iraqi people have been in a religious civil war for far longer than most of us have been aware. The Bathists just surpressed the strife between the factions by giving them a common enemy.

    Civil War in Iraq was both inevitable and, in my opinion, neccesary. Terrorism is just the alligator we found in the water when we went to drain the swamp. While I agree 100%, we will never end terrorism with guns, I believe our efforts to negotiate Iraq through this civil war is our most important work in that country and in the Middle East in general. By bringing a democrasy to that country that THEY can believe in and support, we will enable them to embrace the diversity of their religion and their cultures. We will teach them to see themselves as one people, the same and yet different, and not be afraid.

    Do I believe that we will be able to unite our ideologies and come together in unity and understanding? Yes I do. I believe it will take blood on the battlefield to make it happen unfortunately. But I believe we are worth it. I believe the Iraqi people are worth it. I believe the people of Afghanistan are worth it. The people of Burma are worth it. The people of Russia are worth it. The people of China are worth it. People are worth it.

    I'm not sure if I really understand the meaning of life. I think the day I do understand it, will probably be the day I die. Do I think it's different for people of other cultures? No. I think it's an individual thing. I think that each man, woman and child on this planet must strive to understand the meaning of life on a personal level.

  157. I don't know very much about religion. I have my beliefs, but I don't attend church. But I do have my beliefs, and I do believe that there is a God.

    I think there is more to life than just a pulse and blood and muscle in the body. I think the point is to find something sacred to believe in, because without holding a belief in something, I don't know how I would find hope and comfort and motivation. I would be lost.

    I don't think God cares about what religion people believe in, just as long as we believe in something. TO BELIEVE.

    I wish we wouldn't disengage from eachother and kill because of diversity. WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I strongly believe that there are both "good" and "bad" people on both sides of the fence. The "other" is not bad. In response to the war in Iraq, I think that there are both good and bad men on both sides. "We" are not all good, "they" are not all bad. Both sides commit terrible autrocities that are unacceptable. I think that we are still very young. WE ARE YOUNG. We have so much to learn. We are still so primitive. We say "yes sir" as an automatic response but we have no soul. We have all been brainwashed and we have no soul.

    I think the meaning of life is the same for everyone. I think everyone wants to feel happy and wants love in their life. I don't think killing gives meaning to someone's life. The Canadian Forces recruitment add is trying to appeal to Canadians by saying that a career in the military will have the potential to help others because they are FIGHTING for compassion. That makes absolutely NO sense to me. FIGHT for COMPASSION. As Martin states, THE RULE OF COMPASSION NEVER CALLS FOR VIOLENCE / IT CALLS FOR MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. I sense that the impressions of the Canadian Forces have become more polarized since the Afghanistan mission began. People are more proud and and supportive of the war with less awareness of the actual killing that is happening there. UNACCEPTABLE. We can keep killing eachother and it won't make a difference. It's not a PEACE mission anymore. It never was.

    There has to be another way. The add by the Canadian Forces to, "fight fear," "fight distress" and "fight chaos" is completely blurred. They depict the Canadian Forces putting out forest fires, giving first aid, and rescuing someone from being lost at sea. Never do they show a Canadian soldier in a squatted position, holding a gun, and firing. Of course they wouldn't show that, because it would produce negative reactions in the public. It's all about covering the truth with a black veil. Sweep it under the rug. Keep the real agenda hidden.

    It's monstrous what is happening in our world. Because of greed and ignorance and the need for power. We have to stop treating eachother like aliens. We are all living on this planet, and we have to each stop trying to rule over it, and instead embrace our different beliefs and uniqueness. We're destroying the planet and we're destroying eachother. I don't think this is what God intended.

    Our faith in God (whichever God that someone believes in), and our faith in ourselves to be able to live with compassion and is fading. WE ARE LOSING OUR FAITH. WE ARE LOSING OUR SOULS.

    I still have hope for humanity, that one day we will be able to value our differences, especially our religious differences. I don't think we're going to find the meaning of the universe, the meaning of life, through killing and trying to make others believe like we want them to. War has become like a plague to this earth. It's spreading and the only cure that we are using (force and machinery and guns), is only adding fuel to the fire. The walls are closing in, and we're suffocating.

  158. I do not think that there will ever be any sort of religious harmony that we will see. There are too many people who do damaging things (blowing up the Twin Towers, suicide bombers, etc.) that claim they are acting on their religious beliefs. This makes it hard for people who are affected by their actions to not be against their religion and their religious beliefs. I think that we should be respectful of each others religious beliefs but I am going against the norm. I know that some religions are actually against other religions and the people that do not believe what they believe in. That will never end and we will never see harmony due to it. I think that the meaning of life is different for all faiths. They set their standards differently and have different ideas of what showing their faith is. There will always be radical religions that are only out to harm others.

  159. no I don't think there will be religious harmony in the world. Because there will always (unfortunately) be bad people in the world who seem to push their views onto others and upset people. I would love/want to say yes but too many people are strong willed and cannot accept other people's decisions, future goals etc. As for the third/fourth, yes I believe and this is the sad thing most people of different faiths do have the same meaning in life such as working life(s), money, happiness, families etc which makes it even more annoying that we cannot live in a world full of peace and love as we are not so unalike. The answer to your final question more or less unites all the answers above, there really are too many bad people in the world, jealous, bitter, full of hate etc, who want to inflict their misery's and hatred out on people. Some people unfortunately cannot live by other people's rules either.

    I hope this helps you some and I would love nothing more than to offer a more positive and peaceful outlook on the world but unless a new wonder drug comes out or we can radically change people's views over night then I cannot see it somehow! Me personally, as you might well guess I do my best to love and accept ALL SORTS of people and their cultures.

  160. children laughing

  161. The ability to have a family is what is most important in the world to me. I get to hold hands with a partner and produce children and raise them up to be good people who can make a difference. That means a lot to me.

  162. snowflakes because they're unique. we value snowflakes because they're unique and we should value people because of that same reason. who doesn't see beauty in a snowflake? it makes me smile when they touch my cheeks.

  163. All the people I love.

  164. Helping animals.

    -Anonymous (Hannover, ON)

  165. Tiffany Fletcher-Allen19 February 2008 at 03:15

    I think the meaning of life is different for different ppl.

  166. It's my family... and when I say family, I just don't mean my immediate or blood related family, but it includes all of my friends as well.. my friends are my family too!

    I think it has a lot to do with the way that I was raised. I was very lucky to grow up in a house full of family. I lived with my mom's parents as well as my own. There was a strong influence of the Italian side there, and to sum up Italian culture is first comes family, which you protect and love with your life, and then comes food... LOL!! Food is love in Italian families.. and other cultures I've found the same too.. like Greek, etc.

    But growing up in my household it wasn't always all peaches and cream either. I don't think anyone grows up in a perfect home.. there is always some sort of dysfunction there.

    Our dysfunction was the health of my grandmother and the fact that even though I know my grandparents loved each other.. they were constantly bickering and sometimes down right nasty to each other. I had to grow up in that environment.

    My grandmother had a stroke when I was about 4 years old. I distinctly remember when it happened and how horrified I was and how I didn't understand what was going on. I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with my toys and I remember looking up at my grandmother.. one second she was sitting across the table from my mom talking and the next second she was slumped over the table, lifeless. I clearly can see my mom dragging her from the table to the bedroom and calling the ambulance for help. I was in hysterics. The stroke left my grandmother paralyzed on her right side and she ended up living the rest of her life in a wheelchair... basically house bound because she was so embarrassed to go anywhere in her condition. She went from a lady that was so vibrant and loved to dance and sing and swim to living the way that she did. It still breaks my heart to think about it.

    My mom ended up quitting her job and we moved into my grandparent's house, which my parents now own. My mom had full care of my grandmother as well as trying to raise my sister and I while my dad and grandfather worked. When I look back I see how incredibly difficult it must have been on my mom.. but as a kid I used to do anything I could to help out.. in some ways I knew more about life and death and how precious life is at an early age and grew up a lot faster than a lot of kids my age at the time. I missed out on a lot of activities with school, but I don't regret any of it. I did it for my family and that's what it's all about. If I was in the same situation as my mom I wouldn't think twice about her decision to take care of my grandmother. Family takes care of family. I'm very protective in that sense as well. I am a very peaceful, patient and easy going person.. but you mess with my family in any way then there will be a lot of hurtin' going down.. LOL!!

    So I learned at an early age that family is what is so important. Even as I age and lose the family memebers that meant so much to me, it only magnifies the meaning.
    One of my secret wishes is to have a huge family of my own someday!
    I always did, I always felt the need to take care of little ones. I just hope that it happens sooner than later for me because the time is passing so fast. But I always said that if I get to a point where I'm too old or can't have children, I would adopt in a second!!

  167. My cats. ones almost 5 years old, and hes been there through everything, my up and downs, happy times, and i travel everywere with him! always listens, and never says no :)

  168. I haven't been able to visit St. Paul's Cathedral because I live in Canada, but this morning I took a virtual tour from the St.Paul's Website. I'm so glad I did!

    The Whispering Gallery is absolutely breathtaking. The only way I can express how beautiful it is, and how it made me feel, is to quote from Shakespeare...

    Look how the floor of heaven
    Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold

    Thoseare the words that glided across my mind whilst seeing the Whispering Gallery for the first time on the virtual tour.

  169. The meaning of life is different for everyone no matter your faith or your religious beliefs.

    Religion is so different in every persons life regardless of their faith or culture. I believe as we age we come to understand our own personal feelings not what we were raised to know. I was raised a strict catholic but I am no where near that anymore. My religion is in my heart and I know what I believe in works for me.

    The meaning of life is so different for everyone...mine is my son excelling and being happy with who he is not what society believes he should be. I have friends who see it completely different, their meaning may be fast cars big houses and money. I think we all have aspirations that in our eyes mean so much but may not mean a thing to somebody else.

  170. Kell: What is important in your life?


    My medication... my medication is important to me.

    My medication helps me to pull my head out of my ass which is very important as I frequently get stuck up there...

    My medication helps me to remember that, after drinking half of my glass of Orange Juice (I NEVER use "o.j". to signify)... I still have a half FULL glass left.

    My medication helps me to remember that it is against the law to "touch" others when I feel the need to smack someone upside the head when they are being assholes.

    My medication helps me to lever my ass out of bed each morning when what I would really like to do is burrow under the covers more securely and wait to see if I'm more motivated tomorrow.


  171. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Civilization.
    I think about the past a lot. I think about how far we've come as a species. I think about technology. I often think about what would happen if we had to start over. What if the world became uncivilized? How would we cope without our modern liberties? I would be at a complete loss. Just think about Christopher Wren. Three hundred years ago, he chronically built a magnificent and grandiose structure that has withstood the test of time. Now think about your cell phone or computer. How long do those last? St. Paul's Cathedral is steeped in history. Built in an uncivilized past, it has become part of an enlightened present, and hopefully, a ceaseless future.

  172. Firefly. End of story.

    Okay, maybe there are a few other things such as world peace and stuff...

  173. My life is different as a child than it was now. Polar opposites to tell the truth. So over a life time of many horrific things here is what I hold important to me: My health, my family and my friends.

  174. Friends, family, the desire to know and to achieve, and to have happiness in the form of love gives my life meaning. I am not too learned but from what i know the only thing constant is change. the realization that tomorrow, or next week or next year will not be the same as today is gives me something to look forward to, hoping that tomorow or next week or next year will be good to me makes me want to know and thus look forward.

    I think the only thing that drives our lives is the looking forward to something, that is what puts smilles on our faces. the looking forward to a date, to a new rewarding job, to an increase in salary, to spending time with your family, children, wife etc. Without the looking forward to, life will not be worth living, at least in my point of view.

    Now, the future is not set and we dont know what is install for us, could be good or bad, the we can to some extent influence our future. I can influence my future of tomorrow, and thus look forward to it. The same way i will look forward to living until I am at least 70 years old because I know what I am doing now will make life easier for me then, i will have had a successful career, will have a little money saved for my pleasures, and will have children who will take care of me when i cant. This makes me look forward to tomorow, and makes my life worth leaving, and give me meaning to live.

    Ok, enough of this geberish, what gives my life meaning is the wanting to know what i can acomplish in my life time. I will do all i can, explore all my passions and indulge in all my thoughts to see what type of a being I am. They say you can be whatever you want, the desire to know if this is true is what gives my life meaning.

    David (Ontario, Canada)

  175. What is most important in my life is happiness. I realize this may sound like a ditch, but I'll try to explain. I think that is the answer for everyone and the only differences, of which there are thousands, are the hows and whats of that happiness. For me, here are things essential to my happiness:
    my family, which includes "urban family" & 4-legged ones
    being an active part of political change and social progress
    learning something & having music be a part of everyday

    Now, the more shallow parts of happiness are more obvious, such as movies, board games, romance novels, and good food!
    I get such a beautiful sense of whatever "spirituality" really is when I'm on vacation with my mother, walking LuLu, helping with charity fundraisers, playing my harp or piano, meeting people in the strangest ways (myspace?) and having them touch my life.

    I am such a flawed person. I am bossy, stubborn, anxious, quick to judge and hold grudges. I want so much to be Better; I guess I need to remind myself of the desire and it might keep me from opening my mouth sometimes, eh?

    B'shalom, friend.

  176. Walking on the beach with my brother, a perfect night with the moon rising, bongo drums playing in the distance, a swim in the path of the moonlight, a moment of perfect contact with life itself.
    St. Paul's Cathedral is a reminder of the greatness inside us all. I am another yourself.
    Chris Bailey

    thank you for making it possible to communicate in this way!

  177. I have a question mark inside. It nudges me at times. It steps on my toes and messes up my hair. It is the splinter in my finger I can’t get out. It is most annoying when I’m surrounded by turmoil. When I’m covered in chaos and can’t find a clean shirt, the question mark inside is there. At those times in my life, I don’t have an answer.

    There are times when the question mark inside leaves me alone. During those times, I am at peace. I know where I am. I know who I am. I know what I am doing and I know what I am supposed to do. I’m excited, looking forward to something, or passionately filled with creativity. The universe is a grand and glorious puzzle and I am there. I belong to the universe. I am in my place and I fit snuggly with everyone and everything.

    The most important thing to me is hope. If I have hope then I know potentially everything can work out fine. It doesn’t matter what I am hoping for; it could be anything. I am happiest when I am creative. I think that makes me the most hopeful. When I have a puzzle to solve, I feel more alive than at any other time. Laughing, talking with friends makes me feel connected. I am not alone. I know that there is someone there beside me, either sharing my misery or my happiness.

    These are the things that give my life meaning. But the meaning of life itself is a mystery. I don’t believe it is a mystery to be solved. I believe the search for the meaning of life is a journey that reaches a conclusion when you die. I believe those things inside us, that drive us to search, push us to grow as individuals. It is more important to search for the meaning of life than it is to find an answer.

  178. St Pauls reminds why the word Great Comes before Britian.

  179. So I'm 40 and I'm entering what feels like a new phase of my life. I use that term "life" as loosely as possible. I haven't had much of a life... a lot of time spent waiting for the sun to come out... a lot of time spent wondering if I will ever really meet people who will be friends to me that won't continually wear me out and take resources from me that I desperately need for myself. Being severely bipolar and suffering from chronic severe clinical depression, life has been a series of tests and hardships. But I feel as if I'm finally learning how to take care of myself first and foremost... learning to distance myself from family members and others who have been anything but beneficial to me and learning how to treat myself better... to be good to myself. I'm learning not to take myself... my strength... my relative youth... my relative health... my intelligence... for granted. I've taken enormous steps, not without some risk, in order to place myself in the most advantageous position for me to recuperate... to gather myself... to direct myself, possibly for the first time, to begin a life that I can find strength in... that I can feel some pride in. When I finally meet God, I don't want to look Him in the face and say "But I was ill." This life is our training ground... our educational years... and I want to have learned whatever I can... whatever is possible TO learn. But I don't want to spout facts... I want to put what I learn into effect. I want to face what comes with courage and insight... I want to come out on top... and I want to do it spectacularly. Dear God in heaven... I think I actually want to live.

    I've posted here before... but not really so much in relation to St. Paul's Cathedral. Let me rectify that here...

    When you behold a sight like St. Paul's Cathedral, you see tangible results of what not only can be found within all of us, but manifested out of our dreams, our visions, and our energy. We see not a building but a conglomeration of beauty, ambition, and majesty. We are struck with awe and wonder that such things came from men. The potential for all of these things are within us, however flawed we are. And these qualities do not exist only within a certain gender or race. These qualities do not take into account one's resume or social standing in order to develop. They can be found within any of us. As we go about our daily lives and get caught up in the minutiae of each tangeant that presents itself, we often loose sight of our incredible potential and facilities for such creativity and the insistent desire TO create... to take what powers us and fulfills us and to use it to make something outside of us beautiful... to effect our environment in a positive way. Rarely is it seen manifested with such inspiring brilliance or in such awesome magnitude as St. Paul's Cathedral, and rarely, also, is there a work of beauty and art more worthy to be that example for us all.

  180. there is only one

  181. I see a world of people helping one another achieve their potential in a beautiful world

  182. In times of joy, sadness, elation and confusion, I come to St Paul's - one step closer to our living God.

  183. To be, in the moment living each one as if it were the first. Appreciating all the lessons life sends your way.

  184. Thanks (to Kell;-) for inviting me to this place).

    What makes me happy:

    Words written.
    Music played.
    Free thought.


    New words.
    New music.


    Happy 300th Anniversary to St. Paul's.


  185. Aaldert Oosterhuis11 March 2008 at 19:20

    Made in heaven...

  186. Life is about LOOKING FORWARD. Everything we do, every action we take, every moment we attempt to hold on to simply propels us towards our inevitable tomorrows.

  187. Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge,
    And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind].

    Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness.
    In the union of love I have seen
    In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision
    Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined.

    With equal passion I have sought knowledge.
    I have wished to understand the hearts of [people].
    I have wished to know why the stars shine.

    Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens,
    But always pity brought me back to earth;
    Cries of pain reverberated in my heart
    Of children in famine, of victims tortured
    And of old people left helpless.
    I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot,
    And I too suffer.

    This has been my life; I found it worth living.


    -Bertrand Russell

  188. Early each morn to the steps of St Pauls a little old bird woman comes. In her own special way to the people she calls, "Come buy my bags full of crumbs"